Organize or Agonize

For years I led an inner city ministry which relied greatly on buses.  Many weeks as we would get ready to go pick up children with the buses, the buses wouldn’t turn. Click. Click. Click would be what we would hear.  Sometimes a battery would be dead.  Other times, an alternator would be out. After several times of this happening,  I would go out the night before to just start them or jump them off or whatever needed to be done to get the buses ready for the next day.  I was determined there would be no more surprises and surprisingly, there was not.

In life, you are either organized or you agonize.  You either fail to plan or you plan to fail.   Be proactive.  Find the areas in your life where you are going to have to organize, plan, or be aggressively proactive to avoid areas where stress could come into your family, ministry, or business.  Beware of the little foxes, the Bible says.  It goes on to say the little foxes spoil the harvest.

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