Mercy to People’s Mess

People are mess.  You are mess.  I am messy.  We all have a common denominator and that is one of being messy.  Yet, most leaders lead as if they are not messy and everyone else is and that is just not the truth.  Ministry, business, family, and life would be a lot better if people  were not involved yet people are what makes a ministry, business, and family what it is – life.  We must walk the life filled with grace and mercy.  Jesus said those who lead with mercy shall obtain mercy.  I don’t know about you but we need all the mercy we can get.  So everyday, I try my best to walk with as much grace and mercy I can muster up.  I place myself in other’s shoes.  I look at a situation from their perspective and gain insight into why or how they got to where they ended up.  Then I see what I can do to assist them into getting on the right path to success. 
Walking this way is messy.  It is long and arduous but begin walking in mercy.  It is not easy.  It is hard to put aside the judgements, condemnations, and put downs we have so been accustomed to doing and begin to move, walk, and lead in grace.  Then, as Jesus said, the blessings will begin to flow in your life.  

One thought on “Mercy to People’s Mess

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