What’s Your Mantra?

Yesterday was the 72nd birthday of one my the most influential person in my life, Jim Baxter. Years ago sweating sitting across the table as after a presentation to obtain more equipment for my ministry, I was waiting for a ‘yes.’  ‘Yes, get your new screen.’ ‘Yes, get your new laptop computer.’ Yet, he sat there and pondered.  And pondered. And pondered. I sweated and then sweated more praying under my breath.
After a long moment of silence, Jim finally spoke as he grabbed his checkbook out of his pocket, “I am going to give you the money for these things but I want to know something. The equipment, projectors, and laptops are not as important as the people who you minister.  Always remember, people are more important than things.
Years later it would become my personal mantra: people are more important than things. It is the foundation of my personal life, my family, my ministry, and my calling. It is my mantra. It is the rallying flag I raise above others when making decisions. Everything is in perspective. It values people and not things.
A mantra is a statement or slogan repeated frequently, sometimes written down. It is a statement which all of your principles point to who you are, why you exist, and how you determine your life, business, ministry decisions.  It is the one rule your live by. A motto to maximize your potential. It shapes your present and your tomorrow and leaves delicate crumbs throughout your past. It places what you value most in your thinking. It is more than a tagline, buzzword, byword, or catchphrase. It moves you to action. It spurs you to move. It prioritizes your actions. The words release your innermost being to jump.
You may already be living by a mantra.  You may not recognize it. It is your authentic, individualized expression of who you ultimately are. Begin thinking about what moves you.  What is your passion? What is your default actions regarding people, business, education, or movements?  Write it down. Say it out loud. Then, write it down again and again until your mantra becomes you and you become your mantra.
Now you know my mantra, what is your’s?  Let’s connect.

6 thoughts on “What’s Your Mantra?

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