Returning to the Blueprints

When improving, remodeling, or rebuilding an establishment, it is important to review the blueprints. In our offices, we have a drawer full of blueprints regarding our campus. Though our campus is several decades old, occasionally we review the original intent of the leaders and architects who dreamed of our campus’ purpose and intent.

It is important to return to the original blueprint to understand why something has been created. As a believer, we have to go back to why were we created. God created us with an original purpose to have deep, meaningful relationship with Him through the lifestyle of communication and worship.

Adam and Eve walked with God in the cool of the day in the Garden of Eden. God’s desire to walk and talk with us has never changed. He purposed us to rule and reign and have deep intimacy with Him. Yet, because of the fall of man, it was eradicated for a thousands of years.

When God sent his son, Jesus Christ, to be be sacrificed on a tree, it restored and reconciled mankind’s ability to have a relationship with the Creator of the Universe and the Creator of Man. The presence of God because of the Last Adam, Jesus Christ, is now with you and in you.

The Creator of the Universe who flung the stars into darkness is now with you and in you.  The Creator of the Earth, Moon, and Sun is now with you and in you.  The Creator of Mount Everest, the Himalayans, the Appalachians, and yes, our beloved Stone Mountain here in Georgia is now with you and in you. God himself, who created you and knitted you together and placed bone upon bone and sinew upon sinew is with you and in you.  He who numbered your hairs not with a total amount but individually numbered the hairs upon your head has chosen to be upon you and in you.

Pause and meditate for a while.

Knowing this erupts a sense of awe and deep reverence for the Almighty which only leads man to lift up his hands and acknowledge the Lordship of the Almighty. No words come when we look upon the majesty, power, and dominion of God himself and yet realize He created us for himself and is now with us and in us.

This worship!

Throughout the Old Testament, He enveloped himself in tents, tabernacles, and arks so He could be close to man. Man would enter into His presence yet unable to take His presence.  When men like David and Solomon would get a glimpse of his majesty, tents, tabernacles, and arks were found to not be good enough. They tried to build better and bigger edifice yet satisfaction could not be achieved.

It was declared by Amos in the Old Testament God was going to restore the Tabernacle of David using such fabrication as the place where His presence dwelled.  Beloved, we are the restored Tabernacle of David.  We are the place where where God abides and dwells.

He fabricated you for Himself to live and abide. That is why the Word of Declares in Him we live, we move, and have our being. (Acts 17:28)  It is because of the Last Adam, Jesus Christ, you exist.  Where the first Adam created a deep trench between mankind and God, the Last Adam, Jesus Christ, created the pathway of reconciliation for you to return to your intimacy with the Almighty.

Embrace your new identity in Christ. Know your were birthed with a purpose, designed by God, and infused with His Spirit. You are expensive.  You are priceless.  You just not anybody.  You are a child of God and a child of the King of Kings. That makes you royalty and a heir. Renew your mind with this everyday and watch what will happen in your life!

4 thoughts on “Returning to the Blueprints

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