Art of Adoption(s): 25 Words of Wisdom for My Children

1. You will be surrounded by many “things” but always remember people are more important than things.

2. Boys, make sure you marry a very, very, strong woman. Together, you will create a power team. She will make you mad a lot but when all is said and done, it will be the best thing for you, your career, and your kids – especially your girls.

3. Never, ever spend a $100 bill. Save them rigorously.

4. Treat your secretary or assistant very, very well. She or he is the one who really runs the show.

5. Money gives you options and choices.  Have a strong emergency fund and save, save, save.

6. Treat your waiter or waitress with respect and tip 20+% of your entire bill. Be bold in your generosity to all.

7. Daughters, if you date a guy that does not tip, run.

8. Boys, we sadly look at appearances when dating. Make sure you love what is on this inside as well.

9. Your name is of utmost importance. Don’t ever do anything to ruin your name.

10. Girls, if a guy does not treat you better than I do, run.

11. Boys, you will get engaged and sometime after you get engaged, you will have this overwhelming feeling to call it off. Man up! Marry that girl.

12. No one, including mom and myself, will be able to tell you when you meet ‘the right one.’ You will just know.

13. Divorce is not an option. Marry for life and when you are married, don’t ever play, joke, threaten, talk about divorce. Doing that allows the devil to plant a seed which will grow to divorce.

14. Family is forever. Friends could be seasonal. Family always first.

15. Sometimes friends are seasonal. It will hurt when the once close friends move on for whatever reason but let them go. They were only to be in your life for a season.

16.You will go through a lot of pain in life. Two things to know you’re over it: you were able to talk about it and you’re able to sing again.

17. If you hide it, you shouldn’t be doing it.

18. Love yourself and love everything about yourself. You can’t love others until you love yourself.

19. There will be people who will encourage you to not be selfish and ‘be your bothers keeper.’ Hear it from me, it is alright to take care of yourself first. Like the airlines say, “Place the oxygen over yourself first, and then place it on others second.”

20. Whatever job you are at, make yourself valuable.  Make yourself so expensive, they will lose money, experience, expertise, and a great person in letting you go.  And when you are there, constantly pray for wisdom and favor in your position and watch what God does with you.

21. Let excellence always be your minimum standard in all things – mind, body, soul, job, career, and possessions.

22. Live, be guided, and make decisions based on the Word of God.  You will always be successful if it is your foundation for everything.

23. Be on time. It is not excellent being late. It makes you appear selfish and uninvolved.

24. Financially, there will be lean times and large times. In the lean, it will be time to lean on God.  In the large times, it will be times God leans on you to bless others.

25. Want to live long? Honor your mother and father.

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