Choosing the Generous Life

In Israel, there are two seas connected by the Jordan River – the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. The Jordon enters the Sea of Galilee which is teeming with all forms of life. A few years ago, I ate my first fish with head attached right on its banks. Those eyes were looking right at me.

The Sea of Galilee exits out as the Jordan River to flow to the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea lives up to its name – dead.  Nothing grows there. Nothing grows on its banks. It is dead dead.

There is a small but significant difference between the two.  The Sea of Galilee receives and gives.  The Dead Sea only takes. The Jordan River flows into both but only one does it go out.

This is important to our life being bold in our generosity. God brings it to us. If we hold on too hard and refuse to let go, God can not get anything into us.  Ever tried to place something in the palm of someone’s hand while it was fisted up? It is impossible.

Our lives need to be conduit to allow things to flow through us to bring life to someone else. Greed causes us to fist up.  Generosity causes us to give it away.

Personally, my giving was enhanced by my wife, Karen.  I have never met anyone so generous in my life.  She learned from her mother.  She shares how many times she would come home to find her clothes given away by her mother to some other girl who was in need.  Now, she has brought the adventure into our marriage and our family.

When you learn to live like your heavenly Father who loved us so much He gave (John 3:16), how can we not live the generous life?  He knew how much life giving brings to the generous.

Want an adventure? Open up your hands.  Don’t wait for something to come in to give away. Look around.  What do you have now which could bless someone else?  A dress? A bike? A grill? A kitchen gadget?

Keep you ears open? Listen to those around you who are saying things. Where could you rise to the occasion to meet a need?

Choose life. Choose to be teeming with life. Be a giver. Kick greed out and welcome home generosity.  Jesus said He came to give us life and life more abundantly. (John 10:10) The generous life is that abundant life.  Embrace it today.

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