5 Ways to Make Yourself Valuable at Work

We work hard to get a job. We fail at keeping the job. There is a restful attitude once we gain employment but the hard work begins on day one.  Here are 5 ways you can make yourself valuable at work.

1. Be on time. 

Being late or habitually late share with others your job is not a top priority if you mean it or not. No one is interested in your ‘good excuse’ for running late. Arrive early. Allow the flexibility of possible unknown delays. Arriving early is of utmost importance than arriving late and it show excellence.

2. Stay late. 

Be willing to stay later on purpose. It shows you are well invested. Being the first one to arrive and the last one to depart shows great participation for the well-being of the employer.

3. Be a team player. 

No one should be an island. We need one another. You are needed and your fellow colleagues need you. Be available, willing to assist, and your work mates’ biggest cheerleader.

4. Work with excellence

Keep your work space neat and clean. Keep your appearance clean. Follow policy and procedures. Smile. Engage with a great attitude. Allow excellence to be your minimum standard in all things.

5. Never grumble or complain about your job

Nothing is disappointing as the awkward silence of paying for your items and the cashier turns to a fellow employee to make small talk filled with complaining. Nothing is achieved from complaining. It makes you appear ungrateful for your job and could lead to termination.  Be appreciative for your employment and the opportunity you have to work.

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