5 Things I Have Learned About Money

Full disclosure: I am rich. In fact, I am loaded. There. I said it.

The fact is if you are reading this post, you are too in fact rich.  If you have a combined household income of $54,000 or more, you are in the top 4% of the top income earners in the world.  Your income exceeds 96% of the rest of the world.  Not sure if this is a surprise to you or shock but you need to discover you are in fact rich which comes with great responsibility.

As a pastor, our culture prefers us to not talk about money.  Money is the root of all evil, right? Actually, no.  The Bible tells us it isn’t. How did we get here?  The one thing we all have in common is money – we either have or we don’t.  We all need it to make it everyday.

Speaking of money, do you know:

62% of Americans have less that $1000 in savings?

76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck?

90% of Americans buy things they can not afford?

The average student loan debt is +$29,000?

68% of Americans do not budget?

I could go on and on on how terrible the data reveals about our culture. Before we go forward, let’s talk about 5 things about money you need to know today.

1. Money is not the root of all evil.  

That is right, it is not. The Bible says ‘the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.” 1 Timothy 6:10  Money is not evil by itself. What a person does with in their hand is what makes the person evil or not. My perspective about money changed when I corrected myself about this verse. As I saw this verse was for me and not money, it allowed me to have a right relationship with it.  Get the love out and begin using it for the tools you desire.

2. Money is inanimate. 

Inanimate means it is not alive nor showing any sign of life.  Money is to be used by man and not man being used by money. Get those switched around and it is dangerous. Get a dollar bill and sit on a table and leave. Come back later and it will be still sitting there. The power of money lies in the hands of the ones who possess it.  We can direct it, bless others with it, or throw it away carelessly. The power is in our hands.

3. Money provides options. 

With money, you have choices. Everyday you are provided a choice and some of the smallest choices can be enhanced by the amount of money you possess.  For lunch, the amount of money you have determines if you take you lunch to work or go out.  If you go out, do you choose the dollar menu at the local fast food or the lunch menu at a local fine restaurant.

While on vacation, we had a flat tire and it needed to be replaced. After doing some research, I found a local five star place to get it repaired. After being fed up with cheap service with no customer service, I shared with my wife on the way I didn’t care how much more it was going to cost. I was going to begin using services where their services were better than the others even if we had to pay more. That is a simple blessing of how money provides options.

4. Money is called currency for a reason. 

Today you may have and tomorrow you may not have.  Money comes in and goes out like the current of the ocean.  That is why it is called currency. Yet, it should not lead us to live lives where we hoard.  Jesus said it rains on the just and the unjust. Matthew 5:45 A down economy effects all but it should not lead to living a life of fear.  Don’t be afraid when money is low and don’t go crazy with your money when the economy is high.

5.  Saving leads to peace.  Not saving leads to stress.  

I am going to writing on the dirty word called saving soon.  The most peace Karen and I have had was building a savings fund which could face most storms. It is recommended at least a $1000 be in your savings account.  Having that amount will tackle almost any problem which will arise.

A few years ago, a financial small group were meeting at the church.  At the same time, I had just finished meeting and signing an agreement for a wildlife protection on my home valued at $1500. The reason? We had bats in the attic.  Yikes! I texted the leader of the group that night and shared with them how important an emergency fund was to us in that matter.  What would have been worse than having bats in the attic would have been the inability to afford for someone to rid them. Now that would have been stressful!

Begin the small gesture of putting money away today.  Let $100 be your first goal, then $500 and then $1000.  There is nothing like the peace knowing if a storm could rise, there is a fund you can draw from to attack.

Here are five things I have learned about money.  In the following days, I want help you achieve a little freedom with your finances and hopefully provide small, helpful ways to encourage you to do live you life free of financial troubles and be able to flourish financially.

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