Giving God Your First and Best

As I shared in  Breaking the Spirit of Mammon, you have a choice everyday if you choose to place God first or money first.  What is your worship – God or money?

I shared tithing is the antidote to annihilate the spirit of mammon in your life. Being obedient in the tithe is a scary thing because it takes great faith.  Yet, if you change your perspective about your finances, tithing will become easier.

Tithing is the obedient act of giving back to God 10 percent of your financial increase or income.  Your income or increase is what you earn doing a job or any addition to your wealth by investments or profits. Everything you possess comes from God.  God has asked us to be managers of the income and not owners. God made it able to get our education, get the job, obtain our careers, and have the income we enjoy today.

For those on the American taxation system, I encourage tithing on the gross income and not the net. For the American worker, our gross is what we actually earn minus taxes, social security, insurance, etc.  We can’t skirt God what is His. I believe Jesus knew this would pose a question one day for the American believer when He taught, “Give unto Caesar what is Ceasar’s (government) and unto God what is God’s.” (Matthew 22:21)

God desires the first and best in the tithe. Throughout the Bible, God accepted the first.  God accepted the first of Abel’s harvest.  God accepted the first city conquered, Jericho, when the Israelites come out of the desert.  This is why God desires for us to “seek first the Kingdom of God and its righteousness and everything will be added to you.”  Matthew 6:33

Why should we give God our first and best? Because God gave us His first and best – Jesus Christ.  Remember, the Bible says God loved us so much He gave His first and only Son so we can have eternal life. (John 3:16)  Jesus is God’s tithe to humanity.

If God desires our tithe to be first, what part of our finances is the tithe?  For example, if you earn $100 doing a special job in ten $10 bills, which $10 bill is the tithe? The answer is whatever you give the first $10 bill. Whatever you spend your income first is your tithe – either God or a bill or restaurant. God wants to be first and He deserves to be first.

Because God desires our first and best, Karen and I prepare our tithe to be paid first. In fact, we have it set up with our bank to automatically pay our tithe before any other bill is paid. On occasions, we will get an increase in our finances.  In such instances, we utilize our church’s digital online giving using our debit card usually first thing the morning we receive it.  Doing it first is so important to us.  It can appear legalistic but to us personally it is a great privilege and honor to give back to God what is not our’s but His.

As I continue to write and encourage you on your tithe journey, consider the following:  Are you tithing or giving God 10 percent of your income which God has so graciously provided?  When you tithe, are you giving God the first?  Is you tithe the first payment going out from your household to God or is it car payments, house payments, etc?  What steps could you take today to place God first in your household through the tithe? logo for blog.001

Watch a video of Jason Rowland answering your tithing questions:
Answering Questions Regarding Tithes and Offerings

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