My Number 1 Tool for Studying the Bible (and It is Not What You Think!)

I had just became a believer a few months before graduating high school.  Upon graduating, my church were honoring the graduates. They had gifted us all a book of Bible promises filled with scriptures for my every need.

I cherished that book. I wrote in it, underlined, folded pages, and eventually wore it out.  It was priceless to me and for my walk with God.  It is why I fill my blog with many post with scriptures today so they may be able to help you in your faith journey.

For years as I would teach others how to study the Word of God, I would encourage young believers to go thru the same path. I would encourage everyone to grab a book with the promises or scriptures of the Bible which relate to daily needs. Today, I take a simpler approach but instead of a book, I share a tool which almost everyone uses today – the internet.

The internet is an exceptional tool for studying the Bible and it is the number one tool I use to study personally as well as prepare to present when teaching.  If I want concise scriptures relating to a subject or topic, I just google it:

“What does the Bible say about peace”

“What does the Bible say about grace”

“What does the Bible say about love, joy, strength, etc.”

It is a great tool to get a simplistic look at what I am facing today. Once I begin discovering specific scriptures, I begin to copy and paste.

Over the years, I have collected thousands of scriptures regarding various subjects.  I use Evernote to gather and organize them together.  Together, I then begin looking at them in detail like a work of art from different angles at how they were used, how they can apply to my life today, and how I can personalize them.

I love personalizing the Bible. Personalizing scriptures is the most powerful thing for a believer. I believe God wrote the Bible for me personally and of course, you too. Let me share a simple well known Scripture which I will personalize to show as an example:

The King James Version of John 3:16: 

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” 


God loves me so much, He has given me Jesus. My faith and belief is in Him. I will never die but have everlasting life!

Whatever you are facing today, God has already given us the ability to overcome it according to His Word.  Open up Google today and start searching what God has said.  Write it down. Journal it or copy and paste it and then personalize it.

To help you with some things you may be facing today, I have already gathered and posted various things God has said.  Maybe one or two of these can assist you today:

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