You Are What You Eat

I am sharing some insight into what I call the Eagle Christian. I pray they inspire and challenge you to mount up on eagle’s wings and place our trust and faith in God. Enjoy.

“You are what you eat” the old saying goes.  If that is true, I am a Big Mac, Dairy Queen Chocolate Malt, lemon pie man of Chick-fil-A Chicken sandwiches.  I wish it were better but I would be lying.

Eagles are finicky eaters.  Some birds eat worms, berries, and insects.  Other birds eat carcasses but the eagle does not rely on what he finds.  He finds what he wants to eat.

Today, the eagle my eat fish.  Tomorrow, it may be squirrel.  In two days, it may choose to eat a deer. Like the eagle, we do not need to rely on what we find.  We need to find what we desire for our soul and spirit to eat.

As a Christian believer, our strength lies on our diet.  A poor spiritual diet produces poor spiritual health.  A rich, highly nutrient spiritual diet produces a rich, highly successful spiritual believer.  We must learn to discern the spiritual nutritional value for everything we allow into our spirit.

It is said breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Other nutritionist say it is dinner.  No matter when you can get it in during the day, you should make it of importance to diet on the Word of God.

The writer of Hebrews said:

“For the Word of God is alive and active.  Sharper than any double-edged sword.  It penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow.  It judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.” Hebrews 4:12

For the first 10 years of my Christian life, I fed my soul on the lies of the devil.  Because I did not have a steady diet on the Word of God except what I received from the preacher at church, I was filled with various lies about myself which the enemy strategically used to try to destroy me.  The result was a defeated, malnourished believer.

I met and would begin to pray with a group of people in the mornings led by a powerful, seasoned woman of God named Emily.  Before we prayed, we would talk about our life and the things which we were going through.  Seeing my condition, Emily began to instill in me confidence in Christ because of His Word.

If I felt defeated, she would declare over me through Christ I have victory.  If I felt abandon, Emily would declare the Word of God over me how God never abandons me.  He never will leave me nor forsake me.  Over and over this went on for a few years until the Scriptures became a constant diet and slowly my mind went from death to life in the Word of God.

Emily encouraged me to begin to confess and declare the Word of God over my life by personalizing the Scriptures.  The following is what I fed myself for a long time.  At that moment of time, this list would be on my mirror, in my Bible, and in the car.  I read this not until I memorized it but I read this until it became who I was to be in Christ by renewing my mind.  Here is my list of confessions:

I bless the Lord.

I command my soul to bless the Lord.

I will not forget my benefits.

He forgives all of iniquities.

He heals all of my diseases

He redeems my life from destruction.

He crowns my head with loving kindness and tender mercies

He satisfies my mouth with good things

So that my youth is renewed like an eagle

The Lord executes righteousness and judgment for all who are oppressed

I am the head

I am the healed

I am whole

I am delivered

I have victory

I have prosperity

I have health

No weapon formed against me shall not prosper and

Every tongue that rise up against me is condemn

This is my heritage

I declare in the Name of Jesus

I am out of debt

My needs are met

I have plenty more to put in store

I walk in the peace of God and in the comfort of the Holy Ghost

I walk in the favor of God and He shows me preferential treatment

I have increase in my life

Increase of the anointing

Increase of the power of God

Increase of finances

Increase of divine life

Increase of health

Increase of wealth

Above all, I will prosper in health and in wealth.  I declare in Jesus Name that I am healthy. 

I am healed. I declare that you are Jehovah Rapha in my life. In the Name of Jesus, I prosper and I am in good health. In Jesus Name, I am the redeemed of the Lord and it is so. I have a miracle in my mouth and it is so. 

Blow your mind by beginning a new and fresh nutritional diet on the Word of God daily.  You will begin to see the Word of God shove out any and all negativity, doubt, pain, fear, and any and all things not of God.  In its place, it will bring peace, assurance, healing, confidence and the Spirit of God in your life.  As food is for the body, the Word of God is for the mind.  Where the mind goes, the body follows.

Remember, your diet determines your destiny!

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