BOLD in Your Generosity

Since the Garden of Eden, the devil has always lied to mankind God is a taker and not a giver.  If we were created in the image of God and his traits reside in us, we are to be givers and not takers as well.  It is time to move from greed to generosity.

The most well known verse to all both believers and non-believers is “God so loved the world He GAVE his first born son so we would not die but live eternally.” John 3:16  Being generous doesn’t only reflect us, it reflects the God inside of us. Giving and generosity is part of our God DNA.

Generosity is need and abundance. It is pretty simple. Someone has a need and someone has an abundance to fill that need. The foundation of the transaction is love.

No one has every become poor by giving. – Anne Frank

Anne Frank, a jewish teenager who went into hiding during the holocaust who journaled her experience in her well-known diary, “The Diary of Anne Frank,” is quoted as saying “No one has every become poor by giving.” Generosity is not something someone does, it is who they are.

Generosity begins with a plan.  Isaiah 32:8 says generous people plan to do what is generous and stand firm in their generosity.  Create a generosity action plan.  Decide how often you are going to be generous. It what situations will you achieve it? Budget, plan, and activate.

Begin being generous now! Right now. Paul while writing to Philemon stated, “I am praying that you will put into action the generosity that comes from your faith as you understand and experience all the good things we have in Christ.” Philemon 1:6

What you do today will be repeated tomorrow.  If you put off being generous, you will never be generous. Yet, if you decide today to begin living the adventurous, generous life, you will then discover needs all around and the abundance you have acquired has been placed there for someone’s need.

Notice I said adventurous. Generosity is an adventure.  It is an exciting, adventurous journey where providing for someone’s need is exciting every time you do it. It’s path will allow you meet to people you may never have met before.  You will hear of needs you never realized before all around you and God use you, yes you, to meet their needs.

Plan and being today.  Get bold with your generosity and watch how God blesses you over and over again for stepping out in faith to help the least.

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