Kick Fear in the Face

Fear is the result of a thought going to the extreme. It is thinking the worse about a situation. Fear impregnates and gives birth to death, defeat, and dismay.  Depression is a byproduct of its rape.  Defeat is its ultimate goal.

Fear and anxiety fill the life of the believer.  Sleepless nights, hindered work days, and robbed relationships lie in its wake.  The time to kick fear in the face and rob it of its power in our lives begins today.

Remembering God’s Word is the beginning of robbing fear of its power in our lives.  Gather the right scripture prescription for your life to conquer fear.  Here are some post to help get your started:

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Scriptures to Speak To Yourself About Yourself

What the Bible Says: Compiled List

Not only do we need to remember His Word but we need to speak out loud His Word over our fearful situation. One of my heroes of the faith, famed evangelist Smith Wigglesworth, used to read the Word of God out loud. Someone over heard him reading and inquired why he did such a thing.  He responded by asking have they not heard ‘faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.’  (Romans 10:17) Speaking God’s word builds your faith. Keep speaking it out loud until the words from your mouth enter your ears, heart, and mind and squelch the words of fear in your life.

Finally, battle it out by doing what you are afraid to do.  Go where you are fearful to go.  Do what you are fearful to do. See what you are fearful of seeing. It is like fear to rob us of enjoying life to the fullest and if it could keep us from going, doing, and seeing what could bring joy to our life, it will do so.

Remember, God has not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7)  Obtain and reach for the power, love, and the sound mind God has promised us.  All of His promises are yes and amen! A mind filled with fear is not sound or complete but a mind whose confidence and faith is in the Word of God is filled with peace, power, and love.  Seek that and kick fear in the face!

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