Accepting How Rich You Are

Wealth is a swinging pendulum.  What is one’s poverty is another’s wealth and vice versa. Comparison is the enemy of wealth and prosperity.  What is one man’s trash is truly another man’s treasure.

Gratitude is key to accepting how rich you truly are.  If you could take an account to how much God has blessed you, your grumbling will turn into praise and a huge thanksgiving would be given to God.  You are rich!

I have traveled some and have had the chance to see some of the world’s poorest and downcast.  I return to America and we are challenged because we lack.  We don’t lack on the things we need. We lack on the things we desire. We are rich!

Some people make so much money that when they are a certain age they have so much money saved up, they just quit working, get some lawn furniture to sit on the driveway, and look for ways to entertain themselves through Shuffleboard and other activities.
Some people have so much money they actually have some left after they die and they have to leave instructions with what to do with the money. Unbelievable.
Some people have so much money that they own a place to live. It’s true. Then, some have so much extra that they don’t grow food on it, but they actually plant green vegetation that they water, fertilize, mow, and curse… and they do it every week in the summer.
I have only one family that lives in my house… and, believe it or not, my wife wants to furnish a room that sits empty all day but is ready just in case someone shows up who is a guest.
Some people don’t walk places with the legs God gave them; instead they have a large mechanical device with lights, heat, air conditioning, heated and cooled seats, and devices that play music when they drive. Then, many of them have a whole house, called a garage, just for their cars. Crazy.
Some people just take days off from work and sit in trees or float in boats in order to kill animals or catch fish that then they do not eat, but instead they mount on their wall. And, their company still gives them money for not showing up for work.
Some people have so much money that they quit working for a couple of weeks each year just to go have fun. They usually don’t have fun because it is stressful trying to figure out how to spend all the extra money, but they plan it out and move all there stuff into a new house that a maid cleans every day while they go force their families to have fun.
If you have an average income in the U.S., we are among the richest people in the world. Rich is a matter of perspective and I believe if you are reading this, you are rich! Why? Because you are reading this on a device – laptop, phone, tablet – which cost most people around the world to accumulate in an year.

If you accept the fact you are rich, then you will look around and understand what Jesus said when he said to whom much is given, much is required.  (Luke 12:48) You are rich.  Yet, understand God doesn’t get it to us unless He can get it through us. You are rich and with wealth comes responsibilities.

Begin today accepting the fact of how rich you are and begin stepping up to the plate of being responsible with your wealth.  You have been given much so begin today asking God what will be required.

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