Breaking the Spirit of Mammon

Every day you are faced with a choice regarding your finances: do you serve God or do you serve money?  The fact is your accounts, checkbooks, etc. already declare whom you serve.

Jesus, in Luke 16, talked about mammon. Four times the word mammon is used in the Bible to refer to the god of wealth and riches which was worshipped by the Assyrians.  The Assyrians learned about mammon from the the Babylonian. You may remember, the Babylonians were the ones who thought they did not need God. Why? Because they worshipped mammon, the god of wealth and riches.

Jesus warned us in Luke 16 about the god, mammon. It is the god who does not need God or thinks God does not provide. Your money has a spirit on it – either the Spirit of God or the spirit of mammon.  How do you know which one?  Answer and identify the following:

Does your wealth come from God or did you create it yourself?

Does everything you have come from God or by your power and might?

Did you work hard to acquire it?

Mammon says buy and sell. God says to sow and reap.

Mammon say to cheat and steal. God says to give and receive.

Mammon wants to rule. God wants to reign over your finances.

Mammon says to take. God says to give.

Mammon is selfish. God is generous.

What is your mindset about your finances? Which one rules – God or mammon?

The spirit of mammon promises everything only God can give us like identity, power, prestige, peace, etc.  I don’t believe everything has a spirit but your money has either the Spirit of God upon it or the spirit of mammon.  Every Sunday when we get ready to receive the offering at Living Waters, everyone’s money begins to talk.  It says, “you can’t give that much” or “you don’t have it to give” or “you can give next week because you have this bill to pay.”  It gets pretty loud in the auditorium at the time!

How do you get the Spirit of God upon your finances? By placing God first by being obedient in the tithe or the paying of 10 percent of your income to God.  The best way to break the spirit of mammon off your life is to begin tithing and giving offerings.  Generosity breaks mammon and expands the Kingdom of God.

Today ask if you are following God or money?  Who is the head of your finances?  Are you living a life of generosity or a life of greed? Are your giver or a taker?  Break the spirit of mammon today and begin living the generous life God desires and drives us to be.

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