People are Greater

1fef058f5c8fd40543db452d2c79a2d3--meet-girls-times-squareFull Disclaimer:  I am not an animal lover. I enjoy animals. We have three deer in our neighborhood.  Its the time of the year when HOA dues are due and I wonder if they are going to pay their fair share.

Our family does not have any animals. No dogs. No cats. We say it is because one of our sons has asthma. We also travel too much as well.  We are simply not animal people.

We are people people. We believe in people and the art of encouraging and building people.  We simply love people.

Last month, we traveled to NYC. (I wrote about it here in the post, Kick the Bucket List Out the Door) While in Time Square shopping in the multi-story M&M store, I peered out the window and noticed an ad for pet adoptions. I was saddened. Advertising is expensive. Advertising in Time Square is astronomical!

Viewing the advertisement, I was wishing it was a picture of a child or children who needed a permanent family through adoption. Maybe it could have been promoting foster care to get the thousands of kids in our systems into caring homes. It could have been about the growing epidemic of sex trafficking here in America.  It should have been about the growing epidemic of slavery around the world.

Google ‘adoption.’ Endless streams of pages come up in your search for adoption – pet adoptions.  Over and over again, our society is valuing animals, the climate, etc. over the expensive, priceless value of people.

We have to begin valuing people.  We have to understand the importance of people being more important than things.  People matter. People have value. People are greater than any thing. 

In the churches, we have to value people over our sound systems, buildings, and programs.  In business, we have to value people over the bottom line, the product, or money.  We have been going too long valuing many other things while at the same time, devaluing people.

As I am writing this, I am reflecting on my goal mantra for this year, “Ruthlessly Eliminate Hurry.” As I shared in my post, My 2018 Goal Mantra, I valued my time, projects, and personal responsibilities over people and their time. I don’t need to eliminate hurry in my life for me.  I need to eliminate hurry in my life for others.

In kind, where could you tailor your life to focus more on people than things?  What time can you add to your life so others may enjoy your company?  What things have you placed in your life above people?  What can you do to make people more important than things in your life?

“You can make more friends in 2 months by becoming genuinely interested in other people than you can in two years trying to get people interested in you,” Dale Carnegie quoted in his timeless book, How to Win Friends and Influence People.  Let’s turn the table away from ourselves and let’s begin to focus on those who are around us.  People are greater.  People are more important than things.

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