Your Life + His Story = HIStory

I was wrong somewhat. I have taught for years our life was a book. You know. A book which is broken down into chapters.  Birth is like chapter one, toddler years are maybe chapter two, etc. Yet, recently, I discovered our life is not a book.

The Bible declares in Psalm 139:16: ” Your eyes saw my unformed body. All my days have been ordained in your book before one of them came to be.” I know this verse says book yet it is not a good translation. The original translation of the word is sefer which refers to a scroll or rolled parchment. God’s book for our life is a scroll. Our days are recorded in a scroll.

What is beautiful about our life being recorded in a scroll is you can’t skip chapters. You can only see what is currently being read and what has been read. When you are God’s masterpiece, you see how He has written your life. Every good story has drama, conflict, joy, and reconciliation. Your life – the good, the bad, and the ugly – has been and is being composed to write a bestseller!

One of my life verses is “the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord.” (Psalm 37:23) When I think of the word ordered, I think of a server at a restaurant who writes my desires for what I would like to eat. God desire for our lives has been written or ordered for our lives.  They have been placed on a scroll which every day reveals His will, His Word, and His plans for our lives which will unfold in His time.

One important thing to consider is everything in the scroll is connected. You are not able to view the words which haven’t yet been unrolled, yet what you do see a foreshadow what is coming. As you look at your past, it was for your today. Your today was for your tomorrow. Each day, each season, each trial, each victory, each lesson, etc. accumulated to build a bestseller.

One of the hardest season of mine and my wife’s life was our season to biologically have children.  Physically, we hit roadblock after roadblock until we hit the dead-end in a infertility doctor’s office where we received the news of our chances were slim to none.  Yet, in that darkest hour, we left the office and on the way home, we made the HIStorical decision to adopt.  Karen and I know if we were to have conceived we would not have adopted Joshua.  For right when we got home, our sights were on his adoption agency.

When it comes to your story, the future still remains unseen or unrolled. This is where we must “trust in the Lord with all of our heart and lean not to our own understanding.” (Proverbs 3:5) Personally and honestly, this is where I have the hardest time trusting the Lord is regarding my future, my tomorrow.  Yet, when I look at my past, I see his fingerprints all over it creating my present.  Today is where I must trust the same God who wrote my sordid past to create my great present is also faithful and just to build a fantastic future.

Your story right now is being written.  It is being written by your heavenly Father, the creator of the Universe. His Word, His will, and His plans are being worked out in your life today.  Nothing is ever wasted and nothing just happens.  Trust him to write a bestseller in your life.  Your life plus His Story equals HIStory!

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