Don’t Play Dead with a Vulture

I am sharing some insight into what I call the Eagle Christian. I pray they inspire and challenge you to mount up on eagle’s wings and place our trust and faith in God. Enjoy.

Here are some humorous yet truthful facts about vultures. A group of vultures is called a committee. Leaders know if you want something to die you send it to a committee. In flight, a flock is called a kettle as in cooking kettle. When feeding on a carcass, they are called a wake as in funeral wake.

Vultures are carnivorous or meat eaters. They will almost exclusively eat carrion or decaying flesh of dead animals. Vulture’s sight and smell are superb.

The Vulture Christian is a attracted to people’s problems. Vulture Christians can instantly smell death and if they don’t smell it, they will create it. They divide and destroy things around them. They feed on the dead doctrines of dead religions, of man, and of devils. They have a ravenous appetite for gossip, slander, and negativity. When they hear someone has a sin problem, they circle around the person until their death brings personal satisfaction.

Vultures do not eat rotting, long dead carcasses on the side of the street. They eat carcasses which have freshly been killed.  I live outside of Atlanta in a very rural area covered with deer. During mating seasons in the morning, I will pass a deer which has been killed by a commuter.  In the afternoon as I return, the buzzards and the vultures are eating it. The deer does not have to be dead for several days before the smell gets to them. They can smell death the instance it happens.

What happens in the church is someone will come to Christ. They probably never knew anything about Christ or maybe never even went to a church. They are starting their relationship with Christ. Like us all, they are learning to crawl in Christ. You have to learn to crawl before you walk. The new believer will come in and fall, and the vultures of a church will go around the new believer and speak death over them.


As an Eagle Christian you are equipped to take the abundant life to those who are dying. Speak life.  Speak life to those who are dying. Speak life to those who are on their spiritual last leg. You are an Ambassador of Life able to take the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ to those hurting and dying.

As an eagle, you are more powerful than vultures and sometimes you have to fight. You have to fight for unity and fight for peace. As an eagle, you have to ask vultures to depart from your church, business, or group in order to have peace. If not, the vultures job is to be used by the enemy to kill, steal, and destroy, but Eagle Christian, greater is He (Jesus Christ) who is in you that He who is in the world (Satan).  I John 4:4

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