Financial Scattering and Gathering

Coming into the Kingdom of God, one must abandon all laws and rules of man and adapt to the laws which govern the Kingdom.  The laws are contrary to those we were raised upon, learned in school, or have adapted into our lives over the years. They are rough against our flesh, our ideals, and our nature.  God’s laws are supernatural.  They are super to our natural laws.  Super meaning above, over, beyond, great and to the extreme.  

Yet, when we begin to follow the Laws and ways of God there is an epiphany they work. They really, really work! It is as if God didn’t know what He was talking about. One day, you try it out and it all makes sense. God does know what He is talking about! He created the whole universe, placed all things together, and made them perfect.  Yes, even his laws! 

The Law of Sowing and Reaping is one of those laws. Throughout the whole Bible, God shares time and time again if you sow, you will reap.  If you scatter, you will gather.  One seed from one fruit can produce a bountiful harvest over and over and over again. Yet, it is the law of man to hold tightly onto to our seed thinking that one seed will be able to sustain us, take care of our needs and wants, and bring us fulfillment.  So we hold on to it with tightly, clinching fist daring anyone including God to force our hands open.  

Yet, I have personally found once I open my hands and allow my hands to not be a bearer of seeds but a conduit of seeds, God truly becomes a man of His Word who blesses and blesses more and more.  Solomon, in his wisdom, declared there are those who scatter and they increase.  (Proverbs 11:24) Other translations say there are those who give freely yet gain even more, become wealthy, and become richer. Wealth and riches are not part of the American vocabulary when talking about oneself.  It is alright to talk about others who are rich and wealthy but never talk about oneself.  But God declares in His Word if you scatter or give freely, you will be wealthy and rich.  

Scattering is a farming term of one who scatters seeds or broadcast.  It was a term I personally first learned in college earning a degree in communications and broadcasting.  Farmers scatter freely because they know their scattering will achieve a harvest.  Today, financially scattering is strategically sharing your wealth to bless others. It is opening your hands to become a conduit of financial blessings in other people’s lives. 

How do you scatter financially your wealth? How do you become a financial conduit? I have included a list of several ways you can financially scatter your wealth today.  

1. Take someone out to eat. 

2. Fill up someone’s gas tank who could really use it. 

3. Give to a homeless person.  

4. Take a person out to purchase an outfit when financially that would be the last thing they would do for themselves. 

5. Help a struggling single parent or family buy school supplies, school clothes, or Christmas presents for their children. 

6. Give your things away when you are finished using them. Don’t sell them. Your discarded items could be someone else’s blessing.  

7. Pay for the person’s items in the line behind you at either a restaurant or food store. 

8. Put a bag of groceries and goods together from your own pantry or toiletry items for someone who could use them. 

9. Simply, give a $50 or $100 dollar bill to someone who could use it.  Most rarely see one of those bills anymore.  

10. Provide a ride for someone. Use your own gas and time to help someone get from one place to another.  

Look for ways to give.  Be on the lookout how you can bless someone and scatter your wealth.  The goal is not become wealthy and rich but God’s Word promises though you shall become wealthy and rich when you scatter.  Trouble pursues a sinner but the righteous are rewarded with good things and prosperity.  (Proverbs 13:21) Open your hands and be the conduit of financial blessings in someone else’s life starting today. 

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