Take Back Your Crown!

Some eagles are known for their crowns.  The Golden Eagles are know for the crown of the head bearing gold color though their bodies are mostly brown.  Bald eagles are known for their bald looking heads in appearance with their white feathers though their bodies are covered in a very dark brown color.  

We are royalty because of our position and authority in Christ thus we have a crown.  Yes, you have a crown on and it has been there since God breathed life into you.  Psalms refers to it as a crown of glory and honor.  It is your authority. It is God’s blessing and favor on your life and it is also a reminder you are royalty – not average, meaningless, purposeless, or mediocre. 

You have a right to live in victory. You have a right to be blessed. You are an overcomer not because you are great, or strong, or talented but because you are royalty. You are wearing a crown of honor placed on your head by the Creator of the Universe. 

Jesus said in Revelation 3:11:

“Hold fast to what you have so that no one can take your crown”

There is always going to be people or circumstance or situations whose purpose is to take your crown. There will always be people who won’t like you, people trying to look down upon you, people trying to hold you back, but don’t ever let them take your crown. 

After Jacob took Esau’s blessings, their father Isaac declared, “Your brother has carried away your blessing.” We can allow other people to carry away our blessing and our crown.  Their approval or disapproval, their words, what or how they speak to us can slowly take our blessings away.  Be stern and declare you will not let any take away your blessings. You will not let anyone take away your crown! 

You have seeds of greatness in your you and the plan of the enemy has always been to take your crown. From the beginning in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve had everything they needed.  They were secure, confident, at peace with God and with themselves.  Their crowns fitted perfectly.  God’s favor and blessings were upon them. Yet, one day the enemy deceived them into eating the forbidden fruit.

Once their crowns were off, they became afraid. They ran and hid.  They gave the enemy their crown.  When you give the enemy, Satan, your crown, it opens the door to shame, fear, insecurity, and sin.  

When God came looking for Adam, He said , “Adam, where are you?” He replied they were hiding because they were naked. Nakedness is the removal of one’s covering or protection. What they were really saying was they took off their crowns.  God’s reply was stark and forceful, “Who told you you were naked?” God knew they had taken off their crown. 

God is asking us today the same question. “Who told you you can’t accomplish your dreams? Who told you you come from the wrong side of the town? Who told you you were not good enough? You would never make it? Something is wrong with you? You are not attractive enough?” Those thoughts and mindset do not come from God. They come from the enemy and it starts with your thinking.  Take back your crown!

If you want to reach your highest potential, achieve your greatest feats, conquer your greatest heights, keep your crown on and don’t let no one take your crown. Fight for your crown. Got to the mat. Do whatever it take to keep your crown! 

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