Leader, Be Bold in Your Generosity

Servant leadership is one of constant giving. A servant leader matures to the place where one learns to give with nothing returned. One must be bold in their generosity, teaching the art of giving love through time, teachings, wisdom, finances, and resources. 

A servant leader being bold in his or her generosity follows the example of our heavenly Father, who loves us so much. He gave us his firstborn Son, Jesus, as a sacrifice so we could be reconciled unto him (John 3:16). His example of giving teaches us throughout the scriptures. Jesus taught how earthly fathers give good gifts to their children and how much more will our Heavenly Father give what is good to those who seek Him (Matthew 7:11). James taught that every good thing and every perfect gift is from God, Himself (James 1:7). As our Heavenly Father is generous, so should the servant leader. 

The servant leader should first be generous back to our Master through the paying of tithes and giving of offerings. The tithe does not belong to the servant leader, but unto God, it is holy for the Scripture shares, meaning it is God’s. This act of worship not only displays obedience to God but also shows all followers a Godly example. 

A servant leader must be bold in their generosity to his or her neighbor. This type of charity allows a servant leader to become a miracle in another’s life. One should be aware of who is in their life and acknowledge it can be the miracle that is waiting to happen. Like the good Samaritan in Luke 10, the servant leader takes the high road over the two priests and can become the healer. 

Servant leadership is leading relationally. Leading relationally places one in particular situations to be the key to turning lives around by pure generosity.  Providing encouragement, rides, and helping others accomplish their dreams are opportunities for a servant leader to go to a higher leadership level. When a servant leader refreshes others, the servant leader becomes refreshed. 

Being bold in your generosity is knowing your destiny is connected to helping others.  Isaiah said, “When you clothe the naked, when you help those in need, your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will come quickly (Isaiah 58:7-8).” If one makes it their business to become a miracle, God’s blessings and favor will significantly follow. 

A servant leader should look around their church, neighborhood, and city to see where they can be the miracle. Where can they be bold in their generosity? Where can on help? Where great lunch place can one take another to lunch? What could personal items like electronics or wardrobe provided to help anther have success in their job? Ask hard questions regarding other’s needs and become bold in your generosity. Then, you will have the perfect opportunity for a miracle in another person’s life. 

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