Leader, Be Bold in Your Generosity

Servant leadership is one of constant giving. A servant leader matures to the place where one learns to give with nothing returned. One must be bold in their generosity, teaching the art of giving love through time, teachings, wisdom, finances, and resources.  A servant leader being bold in his or her generosity follows the example … Continue reading Leader, Be Bold in Your Generosity

The Biggest Misconception About God

I believe God is misunderstood. I misunderstood Him for most of my life.  I lived in every in an anti-emotional state of God one could have.  I was scared of Him.  I thought His love was conditional.  I thought my place in His Kingdom was conditional.  On and on these thoughts plagued my mind. But … Continue reading The Biggest Misconception About God

Choosing the Generous Life

In Israel, there are two seas connected by the Jordan River - the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. The Jordon enters the Sea of Galilee which is teeming with all forms of life. A few years ago, I ate my first fish with head attached right on its banks. Those eyes were looking right at me.