Conversations with the Creator

Do you kneel? Stand? Walk? Wait to do it at the altar of a church? These are plaguing questions when wanting to know more about prayer.

Prayer is the simple conversation between the created with the Creator. Prayer in is simplest form is a conversation, discussion, talk, or chat between you and God. It is elementary. We make it collegiate.

5 Recommended Books for Your Graduate

Graduations are now upon us. Pomp and Circumstances fill the air in local stadiums, arenas, halls, and auditoriums. The tassels will turn from right to left and graduates will walk off the stage into their next phase of life.

I composed a list of five books I recommend to a graduate to prepare them for their next stage in life. Each book includes a link to the book, the books description from Amazon as well as a link to the Kindle version. Pick up a copy today for your graduate. Let's see the class of 2017 soar.