Fighting Fair by Divorce-Proofing Your Marriage

A couple hurriedly walked into the auditorium at our church a few years ago straight towards me.  They were on a mission to settle a bet as to whether Karen and I ever had fights.  Whichever side placed their bets that we had fights, they won the day.  Yes, Karen and I do have often … Continue reading Fighting Fair by Divorce-Proofing Your Marriage

5 Ways to Divorce Proof Your Marriage

Too many make divorce becomes a play thing.  “I am gonna divorce you if. . . .”  “If you ever did that, I would divorce you. . .”  The enemy knows our words become our seed so he will use them to progress a thought that ending your marriage is an option.  Speak death to those words that have ever been used and begin to make divorce a ‘non-option.’ Don’t play about it.  

Discovering the Rhythm in Your Marriage

Two dancers are unable to dance together without discovering their rhythm. Two musicians are unable to perform together unless they find the can dance. Like dancing and music, stronger marriages are built on discovering the tempo to move forward. Finding the beat at first can be hard but once your recognize it, it becomes the oasis of your marriage.