Ok. I Want to Begin Tithing. What Do I Do I Now? 

Ok. I want to begin tithing.  What do I do I now?

Make plans when the next increase or income comes to begin tithing and giving offerings. If your next increase comes in the form of a paycheck, look at the gross amount.  The gross amount is the amount you receive before taxes, insurance, social security, etc. are deducted.  That amount is what you tithe.

For example, your paycheck is $420 but your gross was $500. $40 worth of taxes, $20 for social security, and $20 for insurance were deducted. Your check is $420 but you tithe (or pay 10%) $50. 10 percent of $500 of $50.

If you are beginning to tithe, this is a lot to swallow yet this exciting journey is just the beginning.  As I shared in Be Blessed? Read the Fine Print, tithing is a one of two part action plan to the blessing.  People usually take the big step of tithing but it is important to take the next step of giving God an offering.

How much to you give in offering? I share your offering is a financial thank you gift to God. As you give ‘thank you’ gifts to others for what they have done in your life, you should view your offering as such towards God. Be careful. This offering could grow! The more you begin to think about how much God as done in your life grows the offering more and more.  You can never, ever, ever out give God!

Remember, this is a faith walk yet get the right perspective regarding your finances.  Remember, if you look at your finances as a manager and not an owner and to God as the owner, know God is going to take care of His finances.

One thing which has helped me and Karen for years is to automate the importance. Regarding our tithes and offerings, we set it up with our bank on every payday to automatically send a check to our ministry to pay our tithes and give our offerings.  We never have to make it and we are assured on payday God is paid first before any bill, etc. gets paid.

Regarding offerings, we love to give to our local church. This is not always automatically paid. This is a team effort. When our church provides a separate giving opportunity, Karen and I discuss what is in our heart to give. The one who has the largest amount wins and we give that amount.  It has become a humorous thing we do. We truly believe we can never, ever, ever out give God.  We have tried and fail many times. We have just settled to be bold in our generosity.

Beginning the act of obedience in paying tithes and giving offerings is an exciting journey.  God will not be outdone.  He will pass the test every time with flying colors but still put Him to the test! He loves to show up and show out and He easily opens the windows of heavens.  That is when He loves to pour out upon you the blessings you don’t have enough buckets to contain!


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Watch a video of Jason Rowland answering your tithing questions: 
Answering Questions Regarding Tithes and Offerings


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11 thoughts on “Ok. I Want to Begin Tithing. What Do I Do I Now? 

    • Thank you, Travis, for your comment. I respectfully disagree to some extent. Yes, you are right in saying agricultural and livestock and edible foods were used to tithe. Today, we in the modern world do not abide in an agrarian nor livestock currency thus we don’t ‘increase’ in such. Our cultural increase or income is in the form of money thus we tithe money. Again, thanks for your comment.

      • According to Scripture, the nation of Israel was the only nation commended to tithe to the Lord. When Jesus died, the old law passed away. I do not tithe because I’m not apart of the nation of Israel, I’m not a Levite priest and the laws have been abolished by the blood of Jesus Christ.

      • Tithing is not a law. It is Life. It do not law to me or my family. It is life. Tithing predated the law (Abraham offering his first born and he tithing to Melchizedek). I can go on and one but embrace the life of the tithe. Explore it without just placing it in a pile of ‘that’s old law.’ It is not ‘old law’ if it predates the Law.

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